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Browse a list of our services and give us a call at Blush to schedule your appointment.  Our incredible team of experts will make you glad you did!

Bridal Services
Blush takes pride in all things bridal and has been voted #1 by The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings for several years.  We specialize in both traditional and airbrush makeup as well as provide services to create a flawless complexion prior to one’s special day.  Our professional artists work closely with each individual to enhance their natural beauty and achieve the look they have always desired.  In-store or on-site, our makeup artists will be happy to accommodate each person’s needs.  Visit our BRIDAL page for more information.

Brow Services

Shaping the brows enhance your natural features.  Waxing, tweezing, shaping, tinting and more.


Wax  $25


Tweeze  $28

Clean-Up  $14

Tinting  $40



Lash Services

From soft and natural to bold and exotic.  Featuring: semi-permanent lashes, individual falsies, semi-permanent mascara, lash tinting and more.



Novelash Extensions  $350 (full set)

$85 (fill) and up


Color Services

Individualized looks for everyday or every special occasion.  Get the latest colors, trends and more to put your best face forward.


Traditional Application In-Store $60

Airbrush Application In-Store $75 

Makeup Lesson $75 

Makeup Bridal Trial $95

Teen Makeup Lesson $55   

(Ages 15+)

Teen Makeup Application $45

Airbrush Makeup Tattoo Cover $25 and up

All About Eyes $35 

Halloween Makeup $75 and up

Traditional Application On-Site $95 

Airbrush Application On-Site $125



Facial Services

Customized facials based on your individual needs; 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min.


Back Facial (30 min)  $65

Back Facial (60 min)  $85

Collagen Booster (add-on)  $45

Bright Eyes (add-on) $25

Eyes & Lips  $25

Express Facial (30 min)  $45

Elemental Facial (45 min)  $65

Therapeutic Facial (60 min)  $85

Luxe Facial (90 min)  $125

Facial of the Month (60 min)  $75

Blemish Buster (add on) $25 

Half & Half  $95

Collagen Booster Facial  $75

Red Carpet Facial with Lactic Acid Peel  $95

($40) as an add on to other facial service




Spa Packages


The Purist  $150

INCLUDES: brow tweeze, 45 min facial and bright eyes.

The Realist  $225
INCLUDES: brow wax, bikini wax and 60 min facial.

The Goddess  $320
INCLUDES: brow & lip wax, brazilian or deep bikini wax and 90 min luxe facial.

The Man  $185
INCLUDES: men's brow grooming, deep cleansing facial and back treatment.




Body Treatment Services

Vacation ahead or just need a healthy glow?  Try our all-organic, customized and anti-aging spray tanning.

Airbrush Spray Tan (full body) - $40

Airbrush Spray Tan (half body) - $20

Airbrush Spray Tan (face only) - $10


Airbrush Spray Tan Packages

(3 sessions) - $21 savings - $99 

(6 sessions) - $41 savings - $199 

(10 sessions) - $100 savings - $300


ItWorks Bodywrap $40 application$ - or $100/4 pack purchase


Paraffin Hand Treatment  $25


Extend-Your-Glow  $80 (body polish & tan)


Body Polish  $85


Mind Eraser (scalp)  $25

Waxing Services


Back & Shoulders  $60

Bikini  $40

Deep Bikini  $50

Bikini Clean up  $25

Brazilian  $80

Chest  $55

Cheek  $14

Chin  $12

Full Arm  $45

Half Arm  $30

Full Leg  $70

Half Leg  $45 (add on $35)

Lip  $12

Neck  $30

Stomach  $30

Underarm  $30 (add on $20)


Full Face $40






Massage Services



The Essential

Relieve stress, reduce aches and pains, and eliminate toxins with a customized massage using an effective therapeutic massage oil that uses eight homeopathic remedies selected to stimulate the bodies own healing response.


30 minutes.         $55

60 minutes.         $85

90 minutes.         $105


The Über

Experience a customized deep tissue massage using therapeutic homeopathic massage oil, targeted techniques and gentle stretching to relieve even the tightest of muscles.


60 minutes.       $105

90 minutes        $125


The Lavish

Enjoy a personalized massage using champagne oil. The antioxidant properties will leave your muscles relaxed and your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


30 minutes.       $65

60 minutes.       $95

90 minutes.       $115


The Ultimate

Relax the body and calm the mind with trace minerals therapy. Trace minerals (magnesium, MSM, potassium and other trace elements) are responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body.  Elements Trace Mineral Spray, a water-based concentrated blend of magnesium, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and trace minerals, is applied to and massaged into the skin followed by massage with Elements Massage Gel, to allow trace minerals to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and help relax and improve muscle and nerve function, reduce soreness and inflammation in the body, stimulate collagen production, promote deeper sleep, and reduce anxiety, among many other benefits. Clients are given the remaining bottle of Elements Trace Mineral Spray for at-home use.


Contraindicated for those with kidney failure, slow heart rate, and/or low blood pressure


90 minutes        $150

120 minutes      $180


The Express

Short on time? Choose from head/neck/shoulders or hands/forearms/feet for a quick and easy way to fit some relaxation into your day.


30 minutes         $45


The Seasonal Scentsation

Melt away tension and stress while you enjoy the current seasonal scent, such as coconut lime, pumpkin spice, chocolate, and champagne & roses. Ask which scent is in season when booking your appointment. 


30 minutes        $65

60 minutes        $95

90 minutes        $115


Service Add-Ons


$10 per add-on


Aromatherapy - Choose from the following essential oil blends to further personalize your massage experience: Serenity (sage, petit-grain, chamomile, lavender), Electricity (peppermint, pine, rosemary), Tranquility (lavender, tangerine, marjoram), or Aches & Pains (rosemary, eucalyptus, birch, juniper).


Warm Towels - Increase your level of relaxation with the luxury of warm, moist towels wrapped around your hands and feet after they've been thoroughly massaged.





Hair Services



Styling (Iron work)     

Mon- Sat                $40

Sunday /Onsite    $80

Bridal Trial

Mon- Sat                $65 

Sunday /Onsite    $130

Bridal Formal Finish ( 1 hour 15 min )

Mon- Sat                $85 

Sunday /Onsite    $170

Guest Formal Finish

Mon- Sat                $65 

Sunday /Onsite    $130

Blow Out                $40 


Up Do                      $85 

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